CO2 & YAG LASER Machining

Questech Services has 25 plus years experience in the LASER micro-machining business focused on ceramic machining. Questech ships production, prototype and R & D quantities of commercial, consumer and military parts worldwide. We live our world class ISO quality system.

Capabilities include: silicon machining and coring, metal foils, sheet adhesive & rubber machining, and ceramic machining including alumina, garnets and aluminum nitride (ALN).

  • Quick turn-around times of production and prototype quantities are enabled by:
  • 9-Multibeam CO2 and 8-YAG LASER machining centers.
  • 3 shift manufacturing.
  • Real time price quotations.
  • Large and broad range of raw material inventory from top suppliers.
  • Fully integrated computer networked business and shop system.
  • Automated non-contact inspection and process control equipment.

Of significant value to many customers, Questech provides experienced application engineering services and often custom evaluation samples no charge. We will provide custom process development to fine tune our processes to match your special requirements.

In addition to ceramic machining, our capability to seamlessly integrate LASER resistor trim and diamond saw dicing services on your parts is critical.

  • Areas of specialized silicon machining capability include:
  • Live silicon wafer machining.
  • Silicon surface protection by photo resist application.
  • Silicon wafer edge grinding of cored wafers to semiconductor standards.

Other important Questech capabilities include:

  • Predrill and post cut of our material or yours.
  • High precision optical alignment to circuit or contour features.
  • Tight tolerance control of feature size, true position, side wall taper, step and repeat accuracy.
  • Processes which minimize heat affected zone and thus control cracking and chip-out issues.
  • Exceptional CO2 machining and post processing of aluminum nitride (ALN) for minimizing metallic aluminum contamination.
  • Permanent alphanumeric and special character or pattern LASER marking including sequential
  • Automated customized non-contact dimensional data available in electronic or printed formats.


For ceramic machining and processing other material types, we routinely accept most CAD and other electronic media input formats. We electronically draft to meet machining process requirements.

Sophisticated process modeling software allows quick, accurate quotations to ensure very competitive pricing of both prototype and production volumes.

All processing equipment repair and maintenance performed by in house experts backed up by an extensive spare parts inventory for minimum downtime.

Questech Services has proven, long term business and financial stability and reserves for you peace of mind.