Quality Statement

Why use Questech Services? – With 25 plus years experience in the CO2 & YAG LASER micro-machining, LASER resistor trim & marking, and diamond saw dicing business, Questech services plays a major role in shipping production, prototype and

R & D quantities of commercial, consumer and military parts worldwide.

We live our world class ISO quality system.

The Questech Services Quality System fully complies with ISO 9001:2008.

  • Our vigilance never stops.
  • Our system auditing never stops.
  • Our continual improvement never stops.
  • Our caring about each and every order never stops
  • Our belief in the virtue of excellence in customer service never stops.

Included in our Quality System are business systems and statute compliance systems which include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 compliance
  • ITAR compliance.
  • ROHS compliance.
  • “Dock to Stock” supplier performance & compliance when available.
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Chemical & other recycling
  • Business disaster recovery

Capabilities and systems also related to overall excellence include:

  • Questech provides experienced application engineering services and often custom evaluation samples at no charge. We will provide custom process development to fine tune our processes to match your special requirements.
  • Our capability to seamlessly integrate LASER machining, diamond saw dicing and LASER resistor
    trimming and marking as required.
  • Sophisticated process modeling software allows quick, accurate quotations to ensure very competitive pricing of both prototype and production volumes.
  • All processing equipment repair and maintenance performed by in house experts backed up by an
    extensive spare parts inventory for minimum downtime.

Questech Services has proven, long term business and financial stability and reserves for your peace of Mind.