The advanced laser and diamond sawing services you need

YAG Laser Services

YAG Laser Services at Questech are second to none. Multiple systems are in operation to handle critical geometry thin-film laser resistor trimming, prototype trimming and high-volume trimming of a variety of thin and thick-film circuit configurations. We use the latest in galvanometer-based high-speed laser systems to provide the highest quality, at an affordable price. These services are available around the clock to provide the best possible turnaround times.

CO2 Laser Services

Questech CO2 Laser Services use our in-house developed multi-beam heads to provide high throughput, while maintaining the cutting accuracy required in today’s high technology designs. Single beam lasers are equipped with high-resolution video cameras for critical optical alignment to circuit features. Special software is used for applications such as alignment to the edge of round parts to reference the center for cutting locations mathematically.

Diamond Sawing Services

With the latest ADT 7134 high-speed diamond saws, Questech has become an industry leader in providing Diamond Sawing Services with the tightest tolerances and the ability to run autonomously with pattern recognition. Materials may be wax mounted, high adhesion tape mounted, or UV de-bond tape mounted, as required to meet specific requirements. A wide variety of blade thicknesses, compounds and diamond grit sizes are stocked to provide maximum process options and minimize delivery times.