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High-Quality Machining in Record Time

Manufacturing and businesses move fast these days – you can’t afford a sluggish response and delivery rate when you need parts.  But you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to get a fast turnaround, either. That’s where Questech comes in – high quality Ceramic Laser machining and drilling with one of the highest volume output shops in the world. Learn more about our experienced team and what we can do for you and your application.

With over 30 years of experience in the precision machining and drill area, we’re the experts that will perform for you.

Services We Provide

YAG Laser Services

YAG Laser Services at Questech are second to none. Multiple systems are in operation to handle critical geometry thin film..

CO2 Laser Services

Questech CO2 Laser Services utilize our in-house developed multi-beam heads to provide high throughput, while…

Diamond Sawing Services

With multiples of the latest ADT 7134 high speed diamond saws, Questech has become an industry leader in Diamond…

Why Choose Us

Why use Questech Services? – With 30 plus years experience in the CO2 & YAG LASER micro-machining, LASER resistor trim & marking, and diamond saw dicing business, Questech services plays a major role in shipping production, prototype and R & D quantities of commercial, consumer and military parts worldwide. We live our world class ISO quality system.

The Questech Services Quality System fully complies with ISO 9001:2008.

Our Products

Technikote Advanced Surface

TECHNIKOTE is an advanced polymer formulation that provides superior protection to ceramics, plastics, metals, silicons and other high technology microelectronic materials during processing…

Ceramic Inventory

Questech maintains a wide variety of standard ceramic sizes and types in inventory from the major suppliers of opaque, 96% and 99% alumina substrates. Whether you require production…

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Technology Blog

Questech’s Aluminum Nitride Machining Advantages

Advantages Aluminum nitride (ALN) offers advantages as a thermal management material while introducing significant laser machining challenges. Compared to other common microelectronic ceramic materials, aluminum…

Questech’s Alumina Machining Advantages

Questech’s Alumina Machining Advantages Aluminum oxide microelectronic substrate machining using CO2 lasers is a well established technology. However, Questech Services Corporation of Garland, Texas offers…

Silicon Machining: Silicon Wafer Downsizing

Silicon Machining Questech Services Corporation offers YAG LASER silicon machining for a variety of applications. Silicon downsizing or coring is one of the more interesting…

Welcome to Questech Services Corporation

Questech is a laser job shop featuring ceramic substrate scribing and drilling, laser silicon machining, resistor trimming, ceramic substrate dicing and sawing, and laser marking services….

Questech Services offers premium laser machining and dicing services that can help advance your project.