Innovative surface protectant and ceramic options


Advanced Surface Protectant

TECHNIKOTE is an advanced polymer formulation that provides superior protection to ceramics, plastics, metals, silicons, and other high technology microelectronic materials during processing. TECHNIKOTE forms a thin protective film on any surface where it has been dipped, sprayed, spun, or brushed. It air dries rapidly and resists surface penetration, by chemical or mechanical contaminants, until sprayed or rinsed with water.

Ceramic Applications

TECHNIKOTE provides a strong barrier between fragile surface finishes of ceramic plates and the molten debris associated with laser scribing and machining. TECHNIKOTE can be applied to completed thick or thin-film substrates during post drill operations to prevent damage to delicate components and interconnects.

Protective Photo Mask Coating Applications

For contact print applications, TECHNIKOTE can be applied to photo mask plates to form a scratch preventative 3000 – 5000 Angstrom barrier. Minimizing the potential for scratches increases mask longevity and reduces the chance of potential shut down.

Ceramic Inventory

Questech maintains a wide variety of standard ceramic sizes and types in inventory from the major suppliers of opaque, 96% and 99% alumina substrates. Whether you require production volume machined substrates, prototype machined quantities or ceramic blanks for your project, contact us to find a solution for your needs.