Pre-Drill & Post-Cut Substrates



  • Supplier of all types of laser cut blanks per your design
  • Extensive stock of raw material on hand
  • Optical alignment to your circuit pattern for post print machining
  • Readily combined with diamond edge sawing
  • Volume production and prototype quantities
  • Input CAD files via E-Mail or direct MODEM
  • Careful control of cut side walls to minimize thin film blistering problems
  • Very fast delivery

Machined Features

  • Via holes
  • Complex Contouring
  • Mounting Holes
  • A/B Side Markers
  • Tooling Flats
  • Castellations
  • Diamond Sawed Edges
  • Scribe Lines
  • Photolithography Alignment Features


  • Single part type or multiple part type on plate
  • Post-cut Single part type or multiple part type on plate

99+ % Alumina

  • As fired or polished

Fused Silica / Quartz
Sheet Thermoplastics and Epoxies

Thermal Management Materials

  • Aluminum Nitride (ALN)

PTFE “soft board” materials